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Found 3 results

  1. I have a smoke master cache at the origin created in houdini (vdb). I am positioning this cache in the world (attaching to anim) using copy to points with orientation. I would like to cache out only the point (with position and orientation attribute) Import that point in Maya, and instance the master cache vdb directly from disk with the correct position and orientation. Could you please suggest me how to achieve this? Context. This master is used across an entire sequence. For every shot is placed and re-cached out in position. This is very inefficient, both time and disk storage wise. An instancing system would be a true game changer.
  2. hey I need to instance geo on to points, no big deal, as I could and usually do use the instance sop for the extra benefits that packed prims bring to the game. Generating points, adding the instancepath attribute, writing those out and loading them in again with a delayed load procedural. very convenient and easy on the ifd size. But there is a catch when using some 10 million points. As the instance sop is nothing then a copy sop with stamping switched on. The processing of those points takes ages. I could use the point instance procedural, but then I need to export those high point counts into the ifd, which is taking a lot of time and eating up network resources due the huge file size. Kinda senseless as those points are already cached out to disk. That brings me to delayed load point instancing. I found this: http://www.peterclaes.be/blog/?p=151but I have difficulties to get that thing compiled for H15. I filed an RFE for load from disk Point replicate procedural couple weeks ago, will do the same for that too. But I need that working asap. Any ideas how to tackle that? Thanks in advance -Sebastian
  3. Heya, I have a couple of questions about render time procedurals and instancing... 1.) I have been looking into point instancing at render time recently. I have looked around and found a few ways to get the job done. What I am not sure is if they are all actually doing the same thing or if there are some ways that are better and faster than others. These are a few methods I am aware of so far: a.) Using an "/obj" level instance object combined with a delayed load procedural like in Peter Claes's attached hip file ("delayed_load_instancing_01.hip") at the bottom of this post http://www.peterclaes.be/blog/?p=34 b.) Using a point instance procedural as in my attached hip file. c.) Using the new delayed load procedural vop. Are there any other methods and are there any from the three above that are superior to others in anyone's opinion? 2.) My second question is in regards to modifying (and also if possible, creating) geometry at render time. What I would like to do is twofold. One thing is to have for example a single spline in my viewport that renders as 100 splines at render time, but be able to control the properties of each spline (such as point position, colour etc.) in a CVEX operation at render time. The other thing that I would like is to have for example a spline with only 10 points in the viewport but at rendertime to have maybe 100 points and to be able to control the positions of those render time points. Thanks very much everyone! pointInstanceProceduralTesting_v01.hip
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