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Found 2 results

  1. Hello again, I need to turn a bunch of fairly low-quality objects (mostly intersections) from different sources I have no control over into watertight meshes. I tried using a vdbfrompolygons SOP followed by a convertvdb to turn the orignial mesh with all its intersections into a volume and then back into a clean mesh. This does work pretty well in some cases, unfortunately only as long as I keep a relatively large voxel size. When I increase the resolution in order to capture more of the original model's fidelity I run into a weird behaviour: when decreasing the voxel size below a certain value (in the current case 0.033) the object disintegrates and loses its solid shape, in most of the areas at least. The only way I found to counter this effect is to put in a VDBreshape node and dialate the whole thing a couple of notches before meshing it again. This, however, creates the next issue as it turnes the formally solid into a thin-walled mesh, as seen in the example on the right. Is there any way to resolve this? Why does the VDB suddenly flip from solid as expected to this strange partially solid, partially frame-like structure? If the mesh itself is unclear to the VDB algorithm, why does it work as long it is low-res? I've tried workarounds using grains or remesh or ISO offset but with pretty much the same result. I'm greatful for any advise! Felix vdb-resolution-issue.hipnc
  2. Sounds like a dumb question. I just started with Houdini a couple of weeks ago with an apprentice licence. I would like to print out some frames for large scale prints, but I can see that the Indie licence only outputs 4000px, which is too low. What's the best workflow and licence/render for outputting 80x40 inches images for printing?