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Found 2 results

  1. Junior Student/FX TD Reel

    Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Sharan Vaswani and I am a recent MA graduate from NCCA, Bournemouth University and I would like to apply for a job as a Junior TD. About Me: During my masters I have specialised in SideFx Houdini in areas like procedural animation and hair and fur, I have also dived into areas like modelling, texturing and lighting. In addition to my 3D knowledge I have also used Nuke and After Effects as well basics in Fusion. Other software include Autodesk 3Ds Max, Gimp and Adobe Premiere. I have completed my internship at Create Advertising as a Graphic Intern where I have advanced knowledge of After Effects and Photoshop and basic Knowledge of Cinema 4D and XParticles Plugin. In my past job as a Graphic Designer at Contemporary Clothing I have used Photoshop extensively to create Fashion Prints and designs. I am sending you my resume and showreel for you to review and also forward to the concerned recruiter if required. Showreel: https://vimeo.com/185869738 Portfolio: http://sharanvaswani93.wixsite.com/sharanvaswani Please do not hesitate to query any questions that you might have, you can either email me or call me on my phone. Best Regards, Sharan Vaswani sharan.vaswani93@gmail.com +91 9821041951 Sharan_Vaswani_CoverLetter_2017.pdf Sharan_Vaswani_CV_2017.pdf
  2. Energy Effect animation

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on here so I apolygize in advance if I placed it where it should be or anything. Currently I have been given the oppertunity at school to work on a single project, alone, to specialize in a certain field. The end goal of my specialization is to have a visual fx shot ready for rendering basicly, with 1 frame composited. I wanted to create an energy effect which displays a short burst erupting in existance leaving a sunlike sphere in the middle which gets more powerful over time until it eventually implodes and sucks the camera and all flying matter inside. To get to the point, the energy effect in the center has to suck up these tiles. I want to animate them in a way that they are ripped off the wall original shape and they start floating in the air. This should include any collisions(which will be a problem with a pointvop?). After that they should start rotating around the center. I have created a basic test scene with the shape for the tiles. And tried to add veloctiy with a trail sop. After that I figured I could animate the points with a PointVop. My experience with vops is still very limited and I am trying to learn it in a short amount of time wich can be frutrating when doing any non-basic math has been over 8 years ago. the first image is the basic setup. The second image is with the "AnimationVOP" not bypassed. So the tiles seem to change rotation in a what could be cool if animated but they don't seem move or do anyting. I figured the turbulent noise, which is on it's basic settings, would drive the points. What am I missing? Greetings, Remco