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Found 1 result

  1. Hi I'm currently a houdini student and my current project requires me to do water sim (rain on a pond). This involves splashes & ripples from the rain, and a small stream of water moving across the pond. My sim looks well.ok. But my render looks like pooh. So far I've: - Transferred the attributes from the particles falling to my grid (created color to visualize the transfer) - My splash is a separate system, used scatter points, had the normals point up and velocity follow the normals using point sop. Then have particles shoot out using popnet, assigned a particle fluid surface and cached it out. Then the cached 'splash' is assigned to points on the grid from the rain drops. - Ripples, using a ripple solver triggered by the raining particles...a bit unstable after 150 frames...the grid gets destroyed somehow. I even tried the file from Digital Tutors tutorial and it also does the same thing...hmmm. - I created an ambient noise on the grid using vopsop. - I have not done any fluid sim, which concerns me a little because my project is suppose to be an Environmental FX sim. At this point I have to do this in SOPS, and material noise. But my teacher is giving me the option to change it to fluid sim if I choose to. -On rendering, currently trying the DT tutorial on fluid but it's very basic, and needs so much work. I need help on: - How to render water properly, I know houdini comes with a basicFluid material. I can't seem to find an in-depth tutorial anywhere how to render water. Like reflections, specular, and refractions. - I know a little maya rendering, but can fluid and particle sim be exported to maya? Maybe FBX or obj sequence? Not sure. - Recommendation of whats the better system to use. SOPS or fluids. - How to create and render better bubbles on the water surface My reference: but imagine there's a small stream of water travelling from left to right. And more of a mid shot than a wide shot. stream of water example. Sorry for the looong message... I only have 2 weeks to do this so I am emailing whoever I can to get help. My teacher wants us to do the research. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Cheers. sorry my hip file is about 50mb so i can't upload it. If you have another link then maybe i can send it there.