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Found 2 results

  1. I'm trying to simulate the effect of two fluffy spheres (made of fibres) colliding with each other. But no matter what parameter I tried, these two spheres will never collide, but as if they are independent units each in their own environment. The screenshot has collision visualization enabled. Does anyone have an idea? twoFibreBallTest.hiplc
  2. Consulting on fibre/wire systems

    I'm a bit new to Houdini and am trying to simulate a "fill power" test of the down feathers. Fill Power Test I can do this for a few spheres with the FEM system. However, this is slow and won't show the fibres... Would it be possible to do it in a fibre-like way? The down cluster looks like this: down cluster Each unit could be as simple as "a small core with many curves grown on it". I tried vellum hair, but it seems hard to attach the hair in a stiff way and have high stiffness. Also, I cannot make curved hair work, only straight lines. I'm considering the "wire" system at the moment. But most of the tutorials I can find online are for simulating ropes... I guess what I need is something similar to a "sphere with tree branches grown in all directions", and simulate a compression test with a lot of these spheres... My question is, is Houdini the right tool for something like this, and, what should be a good way to approach it?