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Found 1 result

  1. Sails and ropes

    Hello I have some scenes with lot of sails and ropes. I`m solving two problems: 1, Cloth speed in Houdini.... you know,but I have problem move cloth realistically. There`s tab Drag in Cloth Object, but it does not work. I can set External Velocity Offset which I want, but there`s no change in sim. As I understand, it`s basic cloth regular wind force. With 3+ DOP fans I don`t have good results. Drag tab should be something like maya Ncloth default wind right? 2, Ropes. Which technique I should use? I need ropes to collide with clothes, two ways. One way is simulate ropes alone and then collide with cloth, so ropes deform clothes. Other way is simulate all together. I`m very new in grains, is this a possible way? I still thing specific parameters for cloth is better but problems with wire colliding, tiny sheets of cloth does not work too. What do you thing? I will be happy stay in houdini and don`t want to simulate all in maya ncloth. Thanks a lot.