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Found 1 result

  1. Dynamics on growing curves

    Hi, i'm currently working on a growing tree system, and I'd like to have some advices on the way I could achieve dynamics on this one. 1) Which method is the best with animated curves ? Wire Solver ? POP Grain ? other ? 2) I started with Wire solver, but I can't get my animated curves. It takes the first frame to process. So all points are in 0 pos. Note : the way the tree grows is not poping points. It's moving points. All points are already created at the first frame, they're just stacking on top of each other and then move. 3) When I'm creating glue constraints, my target points and my goal points are not aligned (there is an offset). So when I start the animation, the points moves to the goal point's position. How can I keep this offset ? So, I don't know... I have attributes on each points and primitives such as group levels, growth value, width, parent prim, etc. I can already predict several problems : 1 : simulation with several points on top of each other. Maybe I can fix this by using my "growth_val" attribute (as long as my value is not equal to 1, it is excluded from dynamic, for example) 2 : dynamic simulation with animated curve length. May cause some issues on curve behavior with stiffness, etc. 3 : glue root points on a growing curve with dynamics... I need to do this procedurally, so I can't split the branches by level... Any help would be appreciated ! Thx !