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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, I am using H14 and trying to follow tutorials on youtube/vimeo etc. Most of the tutorials I can get most of the way through until a node operation occurs on the video that my own version can't seem to mirror. I'll use this particular tutorial as an example; everything is fine up until the 27:00 mark where the tutorial guides us to entering a Point Expression into the Sweep Node "Scale" parameter. After entering the expression the tutorial operator is able to use the Scale graph in the VOP SOP to scale points along the curve but on my file only the first point of the graph controls the scale of my Circle Swept Curve. I have used the AttributeVOP instead of the VOPSOP. It is common that I have these kind of things happen, is it worth just using H13 instead of 14? Do other people have these problems? I've included my file in the event anyone should like to take a look, perhaps you'll see what I've done wrong or should have done instead due to the version difference. Thankyou VDB Crack Toolpt1.hipnc