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Found 1 result

  1. Voronoi for Boolean?

    I want to break off the other 'shell' of a building using a voronoi pattern. However, while the end result kinda works it is very unstable and error prone. Maybe someone here has a better approach. Here is what I am doing: 1. I select the prims and apply a voronoi. I cluster the pieces into larger groups. At this time this is only a surface as I have no insides. 2. I delete all other clusters but one random one. 3. I extrude the cluster along primitive / egde normal. Here the biggest problem occurs - depending on the complexity of the voronoi, if I extrude it too much I get intersections which cause problems in the next step. 4. I use a Boolean SOP to substract the extruded cluster from my original building. This example looks fine, but as you can imagine, if I have intersections with the cluster the whole boolean goes bonkers. Any recommendations for a different, more flexible and stable approach?