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Using 3Delight

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Hi all. I'm new to houdini and would like to know how I can use 3Delight to use custom shaders to render.

Houdini version:

latest v10 build 32bits


windows vista

3Delight: (I have no renderman)


I have found my houdini.env file and added the following lines to it.

HOUDINI_RI_SHADERPATH=C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 10.0.401\houdini\ri_shaders




I thought this has done it but i believe it hasn't set up correctly yet..

I have no experience in building network of nodes in houdini before so excuse my noobness.

is there a good tutorial somewhere to set up my custom .sl shaders and use within houdini with 3delight?

Thank you.

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