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growing boxes like space city

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I have little problem with effect like groving boxes in different lifespan, viz pict. I create only one half of one side peace (like triangle, other peaces copy with timewarp, random values of groving boxes), so O dont neet grow whole thing together, will be play with different caches of one branch system. So I create grid ZY, thin, scater points, then particles from scater, first problem, random points source generation creates sometime 2 points on same place. delete sop with volume box is animated from bottom to top so more and more points are visible. Than scale in X for boxes is connect to $LIFE. WHat do you thing about It? Is there some other technique?

Another question is about effect on the picture, like some blured trails. It will be not created by houdini but what if :blink: ? Some skin work with Xray shader or some rendering motion blur trick?

thanks a lot.




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