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Vortex Force and Spiral Force in pop network


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i have a particle simulation using the particle sop and am now trying to replicate it in the popnetwork.

how would i replicate the forces 'Vortex Force' and 'Spiral Force' in the pop network environment? i see the force sop, but no options for those particular parameters.

also, is it possible to bring a particle sop simulation into a pop network? i would like to use sprites to render, and have the power of the pop network sops.



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Place a metaball, append a force sop, set directional force, spiral or vortex force scale, then in POPs set an Attractor referencing the force SOP.

Concerning sop sprites, look for the Miguel Perez sprites (meteor trail) tutorial, then to render them from SOPs instead of from POPs, you just have to add the same attributes that the render POP node appends to the particles, but to the points in the SOP context (using a couple of Attribute SOPs)

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