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Houdini/Real Flow Geometry Import SOP (beta): Now

Guest xionmark

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Guest xionmark


I've finished the first version of the Real Flow Mesh import SOP, but have actually combined the particle import SOP and mesh import SOP into one SOP, now called the Real Flow Geometry Import SOP. The mesh files generated in Real Flow can contain texture data (which can also represent temperature, speed or pressure) and velocity data; these data are imported into Houdini if the user chooses to.

Over the next 2-3 weeks I'll have a few step by step tutorials done, more detail to the current examples, a bit more documentation in general. And hopefully I'll have the Real Flow SD File ROP finished by SIGGRAPH, but that's only 4 weeks away (the Real Flow SD File ROP will allow Real File scene files to be generated at the object level and include camera transforms as well).

I'll be at SIGGRAPH if anyone would like to meet and discuss their specific applications of Real Flow and Houdini and if there's any features or custom modifications you need to fit your production goal, that would be a great place to meet. The Next Limit folks will be at SIGGRAPH too and we'll have Houdini running at their booth demonstrating the two applications working hand in hand.

Here's the URL:


Please send any bug reports to me at:




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