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Copy and Paste / archive Tool


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Hey everyone,

I've been working on a tool for a little while and decided it was time to open it up to the general public.

What is it:

CopyPaste is a houdini python toolbar that gives you extra functionality over the normal control+C copy functions. It also have function to package a scene file into a zipfiles with localized filepaths and otls for easy archiving.



- Quickly copy nodes from one network to a other. (same as copy/paste but with limitations)

- Paste copied nodes from a other user on your network.

- Send the copied nodes to a e-mail address. (using pastebin.com)

- Load nodes back from the link given in a e-mail. (using pastebin.com)

- Package the given scene to a zipfile with all files and otls.

- Unpack takes a zipfile created by the package function and unzips it and opens it for usage.


Unpack. copy the files into your houdini home directory (usually ~/houdini10.0/). be careful not to just override anything in your home :)


the tool is split into 2 parts.

1) copy/paste, copy from user, send/recieve from e-mail

2) package and unpack

the first are session and license independent but can't copy from locked assets. however it will tell you if you are about to copy something with locked assets.

the second one is license dependant. it can however copy almost everything to make a scene work. (not dso's)


Any feedback is welcome! I don't use Windows so anyone with some knowledge of windows and python are welcome to provided feedback. I have tried to make it as platform independent as I can.



Update: was a little bug in the unpack feature. should be fixed now.


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