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Particles crumble


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Hi, I need some 'help with the particle.

I'll try to explain to you what I want to make sure that I understand as best as possible:

I have a source that emits particles that are attached to the cubes (or any geo), floating in the air when they start to crumble

, so random and different timing of fading for each cube.

In all this steps very difficult parts that I do not know how to solve are:

the fact that the geo turns into particles, the gradual crumbling and independently for each cube.

Right now they are only able to convert the cube generating particles that fill in and save the geometry and crumbling all with a bit 'of wind, surely there is a more practical solution to manage the process, it is a start, but not the solution.

I hope that the text is understandable being that I am not good at writing in English and help me with google. sorry 4 this...

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