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Age of an attribute

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I want to find the age of an attribute, starting from once it has passed a certain threshold.

I tried the sop solver but my geometry is deforming and it appears to reset it every frame.

Is there a pure SOP way of doing this?

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Well, I made some progress.

In the file below I emitted particles and attached the nearest geometry $PT as an attribute and the made groups out of it. The idea is that now I can count how many particles are in each group and then use that as an age. It's quite acrobatic and I have to solve this problem before it works:

I have groups named


where the last numbers represent the $PT of the original geometry. Now I have to count the members of that group ( pointlist ? ) and apply that to the point number indicated in the last 3 digits from the group name.

Any ideas?

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an image for aid.

Oh Gergely, I missed you there. Thanks for the cool CHOP but I wanted to avoid chops this time (I often get problems when the geometry is too heavy, using dops, or point count is changing) ;)


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in the past if i wanted to use a sop solver with deforming geometry i would just create a copy of the geo, having it non-animated, and use that as the place-holder for the sop solver, then i would dop import that and copy the attributes to the deforming version

would this solution not work for you?

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