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RBD Cloth collisions?


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I´ve been trying to get correct collision from an active rbd and a cloth, like a ball inside a cloth bag. I´ve been searching here and in sidefx´s forums and I found some post that said was not posible for version 9. I wander if this is posible for version 10. Great effects could be achived with this.

The problem is that the cloth doesn´t apply any force to the rbd so it just stretches forever.

I have done some test with a very strong cloth acting like a rbd but this is very slow.


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This appears to be the same problem that I am having.

I want to catch a RBD sphere using a cloth pinned in all four corners, but the sphere is not slowed by the cloth.

Were you able to resolve this problem, or can provide references to anything documenting that it is not possible.

It seems unlikely to me that this would not be supported, because most other packages that integrate cloth and RBD allow for this interaction. (i.e. RealFlow and Maya).


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RBD and cloth collisions can be difficult. You can try adjusting the mass of the RBD as well as the tension and stretchyness settings in the cloth solver. Cloth is also VERY dependent on the topology you are making cloth.

You could try doing cloth on cloth collisions which are much quicker and more efficient.

If you have not watched it yet you should watch the Cloth Masterclass on the SideFX site. Very good overview of the cloth solver on a whole.

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