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Australian Master Class

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Hi Everybody 8)

Just making this topic official, there's been a thread or two about when and where we should have a Master's class while I'm in Australia, it would be great fun for me to do a bit of teaching while I'm here. The movie I was working on got into heavy overtime so I wasn't able to think about much else, but now that it's wrapped I've got some time before I go back to North America to do some teaching B)

So .. who's in, and where at? A great time for me would be the 22nd, 23rd, 24th or 25th of August, I'll be flying out on the 26th to New Zealand. Also, what topics. If we'd like to see some CHOPs I'll gladly teach a class on that. I also had some ideas about teaching a class on different types of recursion in Houdini and which is best for what. And, also if I were to teach what's fresh in my head we could go with some Pyro Sim stuff.

So, let's get some dates, studios, and topics going and go with a good option for everyone. If anyone wants to email me directly I'm at andrew@andrew-lowell-productions.com I'm guessing Sydney is the best city to hold something like this, but I'll be traveling around this month so if there's any interest in Adelaide I might be able to swing that also. I'll be checking this thread every few days. Thanks!

- A

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