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Two transform handles in one DA

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I'm developing a SOP asset which has two transform handles, and I would like make the two distinguishable from each other somehow. The best solution would be to disable one handle while the parameter folder corresponding to the other. So my questions are:

- is it possible to disable a handle temporarily?

- is it possible to tell that which folder is active in the parameter edtior?

- if the answer to the above two is negative, is it possible to visually differentiate the two somehow?

please feel free to suggest other approaches to the problem.



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I made a little progress with the above problem. The xform handle has a bindable onoff parameter, which disables the handle when the value it's connected to evaluates to false (0). The handle won't disappear but it'll become dimmed (drawn with dashed lines), and it'll be not possible to move it or otherwise alter it.

This raised another problem, because if the disabled handle and the other overlapped, it wasn't possible to alter any of them. It turned out that the disabled handle steals the UI events despite its disabled state. The solution is to change the order of the handles in the handle-list. In my experience the handle with the lower position gets the events first in such a situation.



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