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Hello! All!

How to make, that function dopsolvesetoption

Created a vector3 field, instead of float a field by default.

Prompt please a format.

Or an example in the form of a line? Please.

i have a string ---dopsolvesetoption $i pointcoord coord 0--- , but i no know how to change correctly this line.

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The format of the value depends on the option type. For boolean values, true, on, and 1 can all be used to represent true, and false, off, and 0 all represent false. For int and float values, a simple number is specified. A string can be any sequence of characters (enclosed in quotes if the string contains spaces). For vector and matrix formats, use the same format as would be used in the expression language. Remember to enclose the value in quotes on account of the spaces between vector and matrix components.


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