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How can i delete GU_PrimVolume.?

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I writing some volume SOP Node.

GU_PrimVolume	*volumeGdp = (GU_PrimVolume *)GU_PrimVolume::build(gdp);
UT_VoxelArrayWriteHandleF voxelHandle = volumeGdp->getVoxelWriteHandle();
voxelHandle->size(global_grid.grid_x, global_grid.grid_y, global_grid.grid_z);
voxelHandle->setValue( x, y, z, phi);
blah blah...

this code is working very well.

but houdini is down when i delete volume primitive using this code.


how can i delete volume primitive..?

poly primitive is deleted very well.

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I've attached the code posing problem.

edit : found the problem with the help of the SESI mailing list (thanks Michael and Andy!).

The problem lies with my Visual Studio project, it works fine using hcustom...


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