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Fur with SSS

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I'm playing around with the fur tools on a basic head model. Fairly straight-forward drop and play stuff. The color I set in the textured hair shader within the fur DA works fine. I'm using toxic green for visualization purposes.

The problem I'm having is when I apply the SSS skin shader on the head model. All of the hair changes color to something similar to the color of the skin shader. I've tried turning off the "use tip color" and "use root color" options in the hair shader, but no go.

Anybody else used fur with an SSS skin shader? The only thing that's worked for me is having 2 head models, one for the skin shader and one for the fur. Then hide the head connected to the fur. But there must be a way to use only one, even though I am fully aware 2 heads are better than one :P

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How do you assign you skin shader ? Are you assigning your material in sops ? If it's the case assign the material at the obj level, or delete the materials' attributes before giving the geometry to the fur tool.........

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