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Re-create Sci-Fi Art WIP - Space Colony

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Hi all,

I am really excited about this challenge.I would like to do some kind of space colony floating in the space inspired by NASA artwork.

My goal is to have

-a sense of big scale environment

-procedural modeling of colony

-realistic lighting and rendering

Here is a few artwork that I will be using as a reference to do my concept design.




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a little prototyping and curiosity to see how well mantra can handle with massive amount of polygons with PBR. :ph34r:

2450208 polygons x 2 after instancing.

2 diffuse and 2 reflection for PBR.

render time is about 15mins on my i7 quadcore.



This is just the base system of landscape and random copy/stamping from my previous project.

I will be modeling more clean and sci-fi houses for the challenge.

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