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Re-create Sci-Fi Art WIP - Steampolis

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Looks great ! big fan of the tubes and wire's. I've replicated the tube's but for the wire's not so good results yet. I've been tinkering around with the Creep SOP but something tell's me that is not what your doing ..hmmm :)


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Hello my friends!

Due very busy last couple of weeks, I had no chance to finish my challenge in time.

So, I'll show very small update that I've made after long, long delay. I spent today for procedural rocket and would say that will continue my project anyway. But in WIP area now.

As I could understand, the challenge has ended and some of us have no more time to finish.

Anyway, this is my rocket, finished in 60% of modeling.


Detailed view:


Short description: no intersections, tubes moves along the surface nicely, with length changing also.

I will add mode details very soon, but in WIP (am I right, dear moderators?)

Oh, one more thing. This ship will be not a part of huge Steampolis. This is a detail of his poster.

This is it:


And, for desert, let me explain a little bit, how do I see the world where the rocket came in to.

Just imagine the world, builded as crystal structure. Everything, every stone, every tree or grass - everything have a "voxel" structure but with a little bit different "bit" element.

This is my tool that I worked on last 3 days.

So, the process is: texture baking to vertex colors (or paint it directly) and then generate one size "bits" over the shape. Or any number non-intersected "bits":


After finishing of the rockets I will create the environment based on this tool.


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