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methods to simplify geometry

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I`m looking for better methods to simplify this organic shape like this example i made.

New Ideas are very welcome !


I`m looking for away to code this simple algorithm in Houdini :

or even use the "for each" node...

Group B Append point0 from Group A.

Delete Point 0 from Group A

N=number of point in group A

for C in (1 to N):

"point"= (point in groupA that have the smallest distance from the last object in groupB)

append the "point" to group B.

point number of this "point" in group B will be C

delete "point" from group A

you can see where it can be handy in my project file and many other to come.

if there is already node that can do it easily Smile i will happy to know about it.


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You can use Python or maybe vex for that. However, if you have the original curve you could perhaps attribute transfer the point number, or use nearpoint()

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On second thoughts, I don't know if you simply can re-assign $PT... In that case, perhaps a little python script like so could work:

-add pt0 to a list

-for last entry in list find and append nearest neighbour (that is not in list) to the list

-loop through the list and create a polygon

That way you should get a curve that fits the previous one exactly with the points sorted correctly.

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Thanks mate, i thought maybe there is more straight forward way to do it.

If some one have work-flows to simplified geometries and want to share it here , please feel welcome !

i will find time and i will implement this little sort code and will share it with you all.


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