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RBD Point with complex rbd objects?


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As title: I'm using the rbd point object to setup some (lots XD) objects in my scene and perform some DOP coolness with them.

For testing purposes I've been using only simple objects (single-mesh).

Now comes a little tricky question: what if I have a object, say, composed of 2 pieces constrained together with a DOP constraint of some sort. And I want to duplicate THAT for each point of a sop, and make them solve...is it possible? I guess not with the standard RBD Point object since it asks for 2 SOPs (where I need the points to be SOP but the object DOP).

So I've been thinking about setting a separate DOP network for each "complex" object, and set them up there, and then importing the result to use as a SOP for the RBD point?

This way would be sort of "recursive" approach but the sim times would be crazy for lots of different types of objects...And I don't even know if it would work.

Any idea?

Thanks :D

EDIT: Damn, wrong forum, should've posted in DOPs...my bad :(

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I think you might still be able to constrain objects created with a RBD Point object. I think you want to constraint two RBD Point object sets together.

You might be able to do it using $OBJID to apply the constraint to each set.

Sorry if that isn't much help, but if you post an example scene file. That would be better.

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