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Simple inline vex question


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To use inputs in the inline code you can just use $name_of_input_variable.

It looks like you have the "Show Full Input and Output Names on VOP nodes" checked on, which replaces variable names on the vops themselves with the full label. You can still see the names of the variables by hovering over the outputs of the vops that you connect to the inline VOP.

When I use in an inline vop, I'll usually have all of my inputs go into a null node, to rename them, that way if I need to change one of the inputs, I don't need to change the variable name in the inline code.

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Thanks Dan! I learn something new every day!

I also noticed now that the parameter names are listed in the lower half of the inline node's parameter tab.

For some reason I thought it's the attribute name I need to enter, but yes, this makes sense now.

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