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Performance monitor questions


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I have a few questions about the Performance Monitor that I have cannot find documentation for.

First, is there a way to pipe the monitor's output directly to a file? I can save it out after the fact, but only what remains in the monitor's window, so some of the output is lost.

Second, when I output the OP cook time for a DOP node, the cook count keeps accumulating even after I tell the simulation to recook. For example, if my DOP node cooks 123 times through a simulation, after I reset the simulation and start it over, the count after frame 1 is 124. Therefore, I'm getting very high cook numbers, like so:

0.28 ms 148153 cook /obj/dopnet/...

Is there a way to reset that cook count when I restart a sim?

Lastly, I have a DOP node with a Python expression in one of the parameters. The Performance Monitor says the node is taking 1.68ms to cook, but I know the Python expression is taking up much more time than that. Are expression calculation times excluded from the cook time? Is there a way to get more accurate feedback on expression computation times?


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