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Particle controlled FLIP fluids

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Hi, i'm trying to make explosion of barrel with water. I want to control my flip particles with pop network, inside dop network. Actually, i need flip particles to inherit initial velocity of particles from my popnet. Well, when i create flip object from shelf, i get pop solver attached to flip solver and it contains particles generated by flipfluidobject. So, yes, i can do some staff in this pop solver, but how can get my geometry information inside this popnet(pop solver), because i want to use, lets say my N attribute to set initial speed. Here is scene file, please help me with this setup.Thanks.


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You can perform a pointcloud lookup with a voppop.

pcopen a op:/obj/mysop/my_custom_normals[$FF]

and pcfilter out the N.

Add that to the acceleration.

On the pops level:

Set the Activation of that vop pop to: $FF<=2 -> I am not sure it actually solves the popsolver on frame 1, so I made it active for frame 1 and 2.

Just a few notes:

*) when dealing with pointclouds and modifying them you will need to recook your sim for the pointcloud to refresh.

Or have a look at your file.

You can get good results layering noise in your normals and also having different amplitutes mixing in those normals.


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Thank you very much Peter! Nice solution with point clouds, that's exactly what i need. Your scene file is very helpful. :)

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