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metaimport vop problem


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I can´t get working the position input of the metaimport inside a loop. I mean I can modify the position in the metastart and it works as espected, but doesn´t work inside the loop with the metaimport. I espected to modify the incoming position the same way as the metastart does but modifing it in each metaball.

Why it has the position input if it does nothing, I can input anything and nothing changes.

Anybody know if this is posible, it´s a limitation or I´m doing something wrong.


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Does this help?

I noticed op:... doesn't work in shader networks. The metaballs have to be written to and read from file.

It also exits the render after it's done 10% of it or so, with this:

UT_NetPacket::read: No such file or directory

Also doesn't update vex networks well after changes, even when recompiling.

Funnily the VOPSOP version works well.





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Hey Marc, thanks for answering.

Yes, I was doing reading metaballs from file. I have tryied in cops, shop and sops but same thing happens. I have done a litle example of what I´m trying to do and whats the problem I found.

I have done in cops because its a simple modification of the help file. Also it work with the op: function, but I don´t mind to write when doing with shops.

Sorry for my English, hope that the example shows what I mean.




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I finally used metaweight which outputs all the metaball´s density at time, multiplying it by the current metaball density. This is working but is not exactly the same. Reading from file it´s because is not working well the op: thing with animation.

Here is the file in case someone is interested.


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