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altering scale with ODE objects


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In an attempt to simulate the way bubbles in a head of foam grow and push each other around, I'm trying to use the ODE solver. The problem is a lack of any kind of scale control on each individual sphere primitive. Toggling on "Use Deforming Geometry" seems to do nothing to the influencing radius as the simulation runs. The goal is to have lots of little spheres pushing against one another, but with some of them getting bigger and pushing the others out of the way as the simulation grows. I can't figure out how to do this, unfortunately. Advice, or better yet, example hip files are welcome! Thanks in advance Odforce community.

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Jam master J, I ran into the same business a while back. Here is a messy result! It's a reworking of the POPS with RBD Collisions example, to make it use ODE and respect pscale. It's not neatly packaged, the object is all ripped up, but it works. If anyone has a cleaner version of this I'd love to see it in action.


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