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Emmission of Diffuse Texture Map

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I have a material shader with a texture in the diffuse color map, and when I turn on emission to make the object glow. It doesn't emit the diffuse texture, but just a solid color defined in the emissions tab. I'm trying to texture a model of a television screen, and want the screen to emit light into the room based upon what it's showing.

Is this possible?


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Now I know it can be done, but when I look at your example I see some nodes that I don't have. For example; the diffuseColor node is getting texture map from the baseColorMap property and your using that on the Decal, but when I open my material there is no baseColorMap property node.

Isn't that strange? Am I suppose to add one?

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Yes, add it. I modified the network. The nodes that I changed/added I colored bright red.

If you want it as a parameter in the material you have to do that manually too. It's not hard, just a little fiddly.

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