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calculating distance between points

Sun Ray

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Kindly bear if this sounds amateurish.

After scattering points on a grid, how do i calculate the distance between two points. If calculated, I presume, it would help me placing boxes on the grid so that they don't collide or intersect. I mean, after calculating the distance, if I give the width of the box lesser than half the distance, they should not collide.

I would be much happier and thankful, if there is any other easier way to avoid intersection or collision.


Sun Ray

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The Scatter SOP has an option to calculate the nearest neighbors. Turn it on to "Average of N nearest" and set the "Points To Consider" to 1. Now in the Copy SOP when your placing the boxes. Stamp a variable using the $ptarea attribute, and then scale the boxes with that variable. They will then be sized based upon their distance from each other.

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