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First-Timer Questions

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Hello guys

I'm a long-time Max user, but have decided to create my next project in Houdini. I want to use Houdini for everything, as the procedural interface is amazing.

To help me get started though, I need to know:

-Is there a way of snapping and 'sliding' a point along its associated edge while editing the mesh, like in Max?

-How do I extrude a face along a curve?

-Is there a workflow tutorial for using ZBrush/Mudbox with Houdini? It's involved enough with Mudbox > Max - I wouldn't have a clue where to start with displacement attributes in Houdini.

-Keeping with displacements, does Houdini treat its UV smoothing algorithm like Maya or Max? Maya > Mudbox > Maya is fine, as they use the same algorithm, but Max requires more annoying steps.

I really would appreciate some advice.

Thank you.


ugg boots


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