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autorig parameters


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Hi All

i have a strange thing happening with autorig, when i first built it, i would hit 'create rig' and it would create two networks, one of which- the animation rig, had a bunch of tabs with parameters in them. but for some reason now when i hit the create rig button, none of the parameters come through. the rig itself seems to work fine and ive refreshed imports in the type properties and in the edit parameter interface dialog there does seem to be a bunch of the parameters that i can bring back in (though its a nuisance to sort them into their folders again) but lots of parameters still seem to be missing.

im working on .658 but the same thing happens on .469. it also happens on the quadruped rig. ive not installed anything or changed anything on my system nor can i think of anything ive done that could cause this..

is this a known bug ? anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it ?


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