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DOPs Script Solver


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Hi, I have a question about script solver, because it gives me strange results

When I load an example SumImpact from help and replace script by:

example from help

set lastobject=`dopsolvenumobjects() - 1`
for i = 0 to $lastobject
    echo `dopsolveobject($i)`

it always gives me -1 on output, but why ?

I found in help about dopsolveobject:

Calling this function will return -1 if it is called when a script solver is not currently solving for objects.

so how to force ScriptSolver to solve ?

please help,

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I checked every expression dopsolve* and:

dopsolvedopnet returns "",
dopsolvenumnewobjects returns 0,
dosolvenumobjects returns 0,
dopsolvetimestep returns 0,

it's really weird,

any suggestions... ?


When I load SumImpacts example I have error on scriptsolver1:

Coudn't find data SumImpacts,

When i create EmpytData with name SumIpacts it also doesn't work...

please help

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