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points control primitives group


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Hm, not sure I understand you and that hip includes a missing file, so I have to guess what the problem is:

It appears you objectmerge points and then refer to their positions in a dop network. To make this work you need to offset the points by their rest positions. I added a red node in the file below.

Why dops behave that way I asked myself many times, but that's the way it is. <_<

In general attributes are faster than groups. So if you can get away by using attributes to organize your objects then I'd use that.


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I made a network using attributes transform ,please see the hip file,is that your way? It`s running slow ,when use large groups.

And the collision is a problem too,and I dont know how to caculate the collision radius is the best ,and keep the still group donot explode.

Please give me a better way ,thanks!


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