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combine 2 different vel fields


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I'm trying to figure out how I can combine 2 different velocity fields from 2 different fluid sims. Preferably by adding the second vel field to the first (main sim).

If possible I'd like to have a threshold for the second vel field getting added that discards values if they are below the threshold, (So that just the higher velocity values are added). Eventually, I'd like to use the newly created (combined) vel field to advect some sop geometry. Thanks for any insight into this.

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Fetch and gascalculate?

Thanks Macha, this is what I was looking for. Unfortunately I'm not so sure it's the answer to the bigger problem I'm trying to solve.

I'm doing a melting project. After playing with the advect pop, I felt like my geometry looked more like it was deflating than melting. It really needs some dripping effects as overlapping motion.

For the original question I asked above, I was trying to do an overall slow simulation to create a slower moving velocity field to effect the whole piece of geometry, and then create another sim that just has certain areas of high velocity, and zero everywhere else. Combine these 2 vel fields, and use to advect my geometry. The higher vel field would be to create areas of dripping.

As of now I'm using one slow moving sim to get some overall movement and then using that as a collision for another FLIP sim using the fluid emitter in a few places where drips will be sourced. I'm also gonna try using the magnet sop to add some deformation where the drips roll down.

Thanks again for your help

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