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Interaction between geometry and flood


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I'm a beginner in Houdini and I've had some experiences with flip fluids.

I need to achieve an effect for a school project I'm working on. My team mate has managed to achieve the interaction between his flip fluids and a sphere for testing. What I'm looking for now though is a way to shatter the geometry with the flip fluids. It would be great if I could get the debris to float and travel along the surface of the fluids too.

Here are some reference images taken from the trailer of World of Warcraft Cataclysm where the flood is so strong they cause pillars of rocks to shatter upon impact.

Any advice on how should I start off or are there any other methods anyone's got in mind to share?

Are there are any tutorials out there which could help me with this?



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Hey thanks! This is a very helpful file to start with. I'll play around with it, see how it's done and try fracturing with the rock geometries I have.

I'll probably post questions if I run into any problems regarding some of the stuff you did which I'm not really familiar with if that's okay with you?

Thanks once again!

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Yeh, that's fine. I'm not doing anything overly special in the file, it's all created from shelf tools. I just pre shatter the box with the shatter tool (model->shatter), turn it into a RBD fracture object (Rigid Bodies-> RBD Fracture Object). Then turn a sphere into flip fluid (Particle Fluids->Flip Fluid from object) and use a uniform force to drive the fluid into the box.



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