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Grouping points according to normals

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Hi all, I am trying to group a bunch of specific points to emit particles from. My first idea was grouping it according to normals, but I do not know how to only group the bunch of points with similar normal directions together and not group the rest of the points. I also thought of grouping them by just dragging over the points and making a group out of it, but it isn't very procedural. I also tried grouping the points according to a boundingbox but as my geometry is moving over time, the boundingbox couldn't maintain the grouping of the points.Can anyone give me some ideas on how should I approach this problem? Thanks a lot.


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If you want to group based on normals then in VOPs you could take a vector that you want to compare against and take the scalar (dot) product of that vector and each normal vector. You can then take the inverse cosine of the value, convert it to degrees and have an option defining the permitted angle difference/tolerance and then add it to your group if it falls within the range.

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Many thanks to both graham and Macha for the help provided.

Macha - Woah, your file looks so cool but it's kind of complex though.Still trying to figure out. But thanks though.

Graham - Yeah, got it. Many thanks.

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