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Fiddly vopsop/vex problem

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I have some geometry with many points.

Each point has an $ATTRIBUTE_SCALAR.

I want to create another vector $ATTRIBUTE_VECTOR that points to the nearest $ATTRIBUTE_SCALAR with the same value.

For example:

-Point 12 has $ATTRIBUTE_SCALAR = 1

In it's neighbourhood we have

Point 11 with $ATTRIBUTE_SCALAR = 0.5

Point 35 with $ATTRIBUTE_SCALAR = 1

Point 785 with $ATTRIBUTE_SCALAR = 0.3

Then we would draw a vector from point 12 to point 35, and store it in $ATTRIBUTE_VECTOR because they have equal $ATTRIBUTE_SCALAR value.

Now, I thought this would be easy peasy with a point cloud and while loop but it turns out we cant write attributes inside such a loop. I get the error below.

It's likely there are multiple possible values for each point's $ATTRIBUTE_VECTOR, but I am not concerned about that for now (although even better if somebody finds a solution for that too!). I just need one vector (any of them). So we don't need to worry about that.

How can I do this?


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Hi, Macha, Here is the vex solution, I hate vops concerning point clouds.

#pragma label filename "Lover File"
#pragma label matchattrib "Lover Attribute"
#pragma label direction "Lover Direction"
#pragma label maxsearchlovers "Max Search Lovers"
#pragma label tolerance "Lover Tolerance"

nearest_lover(string filename="",matchattrib="",direction="";int maxsearchlovers = 30;float tolerance = 0.2)
    int maxlovers = min(Npt,maxsearchlovers);
    int handle = pcopen(filename,"P",P,1e+9,maxlovers);
    vector dir = 0;
        float me;
            float lover;
            if (abs(lover-me)<=tolerance)
                vector loverpos;
                dir = loverpos - P;

As for multiple possible values, how about pcfiltering the position of the matched lovers(you need to specify how many similar lovers are tolerated) based on your actual need ?


nearest lover.otl

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