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Nuclear Explosion

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I'm new to pyro fx and I'm trying to achieve a nuclear explosion.

So far I've watched a couple of introduction to pyro fx videos to get me started.

In the hipc file attached, is a fireball with some adjustments I've made.

The first thing I want to create is a nice looking mushroom cloud with fire continuously burning into the clouds.

nuke_testRender02 is the result of me adjusting curves in the fuel and smoke amount graph.

The fire continues to burn but the smoke doesn't react.

nuke_testRender03 is a more successful look but the fuel and smoke dies away after some time, in this case I dragged the keyframes close to their default positions.

The problem here is probably the fact that I don't quite understand how the fuel and smoke amount graph actually works.

I was hoping if anyone could give me some advice? (:




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