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Fracture DOP animation -> to keyframes.


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Hi all.

I have a old simple question.

What is the best way for converting DOP animation to -> Keys. And using that on fractured object?

Just simple scene: SOP-box, fractured with voronoi, imported in DOP, solved with gravity and ground plane ->

how can i get keyframes from that DOP, and apply BACK to the SOP geometry?

Why i do need that? Because i need fast retime i need adjust animation per-piece and all.

Thanks for answers.

p.s. and i have not any examples of how can i convert DOP animation of fractured geometry (that i can do with CHOP->DOPimport) - and how can i apply that keys back to SOP fractured geo.

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Sometimes ago i have to write some custom script, for export DOP animation of fractured object -> to maya. There are 2 steps: 1. Export obj with groups, then set keys, from CHOPS exported file with channels. After that i have animated geometry in Maya. With keyframes. But now i need solve that task for houdini and IN Houdini only, without side packages.

May be someone know already existing solution without programming?

How i can work with Fractured Object Animation as with Keyframed animation ? This is the possible?

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No one ??

Another side - why i can need that.

1. I get some RBD simulation of fractured object.

2. I do some retime, and custon animation correction.

3. Then i want get corrected simulation back to DOP's and create Water FLIP fluid with fractured geometry.

What the best workflow for that ?

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I hope you read this post.
I came across the exact same problem today, and somehow I found a solution. Basically, you read DOP animation with dynamics CHOP and manipulate animation, then export back to SOP. However, fractured objects are in a single object node. So, in order to apply transform to each fractured object, you have to use ForEach SOP to apply animation curves.


If you have pieaces more than a thousand, it gets slow. There might be a better solution, but I coudn't find it.




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