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hello again,

Just another problem..... :(

Im trying to create a cell noise pattern which contains 2 different materials or colour in each cell. I understand the cellnoise has an ID so by placing a random on it and attaching a spline with 2 different materials plugged into it, i can make a cellnoise pattern with two different colours or materials. The problem with the spline vop is, even though its producing different colours on my cell noise, it seems to blend the colours e.g. if i plug a yellow and blue material into the spline, i end up having not random yellow and blue cells but yellow, blue and green cells?? I understand you also have to connect the first input into the last input for the spline vop to work! Also have tried changing the linear to cardinal..still gives me a blend of colour!!

PLEASE HELP ME !! :blink:


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I looked at your problem.

(I hope i understood it well).

It seems that the ID returns very large values (1*10^9 or something like that), so let use another method:

There's a parameter that stays the same across each cell: the dist1.

because it gives the first nearest point.

So the hint is to convert the value returned by the dist1 to an alternating value ( 0 or 1 ) to switch between two materials, or two colors.

See what i used for example.

What about switching between n materials? convert dist1 to a range of integers...

(note: the spline vop does interpolation things so typically blend colors)

Hope this helps. :)


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It may be because im using 6.1??

Im trying to put a high contrast black and white film sequence through Vops to show it as a reflected mirror over a constant colour...just messing around with video and vops! Love the creative side of vops, its still quite new to me but its good talking to other people as i come to a complete stand at times!! :huh:

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