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New Tutorial - Procedural Space Ship

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This one started off as an experiment to see what I could make if I used some math functions to affect the points of a line to draw out their graph. As I worked with it I found that some of the geometry that was coming out was incredibly complex and looked amazing. They also tended to look unmistakably like some sci-fi ships that I have seen in movies and tv shows. I figure that using this method someone could create a whole fleet of ships, each one unique, in just a few minutes. Also, all of the meshes tend to come out as perfect quads. This should be quite a boon for any texture artists or UV unwrappers who hate messy geometry. I also managed to get a few rather organic looking pieces of geometry. Some started to look like the head of a squid. I am attaching a few things I came up with in a few minutes to wet your appetite.

Thanks for taking a look and be sure to let me know what you all think.

AdamFerestad.com Tutorials

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