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Adam Ferestad

Working on the techniques from Quint's wineglass spill video.

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I am trying to use the methods that Peter Quint uses in his wineglass spill video to put together a nice simulation of a cup being knocked over. So far the sim is much nicer than my other ones have been, but I am still having a couple of glitches. For one, I am still getting some particle bleed right when my glass moves. What would be a good way of getting around that? I just had the thought to keyframe a change on the subframe step value right before the move, then return it to where it was afterwards. Would this be a viable way of dealing with it?

Secondly, I am noticing that my proxy mesh for the cup's interior is interacting with the liquid after it is on the ground and pushing it around in an unnatural way. Is there some way I could use a group or something to tell the particles to ignore the cup's interior or use a separate mesh when interacting after it leaves the cup?

I am attaching what I did tonight of it, let me know if any of it seems wrong. I haven't actually gotten to the end of the video, got side tracked by the girlfriend when she got home from class and I am writing this just before heading to bed, but I will finish the video in the morning.


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This method does have some disadvantages. In the video I increase sub steps for the whole sequence without too much time penalty. I suspect animating sub steps will cause instability but give it a try. The proxy wine glass can cause issues. In the video I just changed the intial shape. You could animate the proxy geometry's shape too which would work.


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