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Attribute Transfer with REST value


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Dear Od,

I have a basic question in regards to Attribute Transfer node.

Houdini provided the example of Color Transfer. Now, if I wanted to transfer the color and make it stick or permanent to the other object points, how would I achieve this kind of effects? There are probably many different ways to do this, I wondering:

1. Do I always need to use DOP? If yes, why is it?

2. Can this be achieved using VOP SOP?

Example Effects I would like to achieve:

1. If trigger object near certain lights, it will turn it on.

2. If trigger object near crowds, action/animation will trigger. If after certain time trigger is away from crowds, crowds back to idle action.

For now, I think passing color is simplest. In the way, it's similar to Wet Map? I like to know the simple way and a more complex way but more robust if possible.


- Jimmy

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you're welcome. Spev explains how to use the feedback node in his attached file, that's a good way to keep attribute values forever if u don't wanna use the sop solver. But it has its own problems, you'll see when you start using it ;)

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This Feedback node does not look very elegant, a bit like ForEach, but it seems to do the work nicely inside SOP without having to go to DOP, CHOP, etc. Interesting node.

I'll study other method as well just in case. It's good to explore all method. Peter Quint's video tutorial is good, but that's only one way and he is also quite specific, it feels a bit complex.

- J


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