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large scale Hydro Simulations


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Hey, so I am trying to simulate out a flooding city inside of Houdini with out any sim data coming from other apps like naiad, what i would love to do but i don't have a license of it;P

So I am trying to get a good result out of Houdini with a lot of RBD objects and a good resolution of fluid.

The problem by that though is that I only have a small macbook Pro to sim everything out.

So my question for you guys is:

is there a way to simulate high res simulations faster and how to get through a lot of iterations with Hydro dynamics with only 8GB of ram.

all help is very much appreciated!


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Well, in that case I say 'forget it'.

However, if you stay in sops land you might have a better chance, but nothing hires simulated.

But then again... 8 gigs is so low... Hmm... It's a challenge like one of those ultra-light assembler Demo things. Go for it! Avoid sdf collisions. Don't sim! Do lots in shading micropolys! Stay procedural!

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