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Round points out


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Greetings all,

I've recently come to the world of Houdini from Cinema 4D.

There was a method I would use in C4D to make a circular border out of a jagged or rectangular one by collapsing it into a single point (just like the edge collapse node) and then beveling that one point into a circle.

You can kind of do it in Houdini, but the bevel is too smart, I guess you'd say, and it keeps the surrounding topology (in my case) instead defaulting to a circular shape when beveling a single point.

Anyway: what's the best way to round out a loop of points/border/etc?

Let me know if that doesn't make sense or if an image would better explain things.

Thanks a ton in advance!


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Hey there. One method: Draw a vector from every point to the center of the object. Store length of those vectors and attribrutepromote the average to detail. Then move points along that vector, the difference between the average distance.

Maybe smooth sop will also work, depending on your geometry.

Or if it is a curve, convert it to Nurbs and back.

Or blend between a smooth shape (perfect circle) with equal pointcount.

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Macha, thanks so much once again for your timely help.

The smooth SOP did the trick in my case, but I'm going to log away those other methods you mentioned, because I could see how things might be different for me.

Thanks again!


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