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Flooding a city


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so I am trying to flood a city;P

I ran into two problems with that effect.

I want to create something like Igor created here:

I am in the very early stages of that effect... I don't have any finished models or something but I need to figure out my problems before I go on with the final effect.

So my problems are that I have two emitters but it seams that I can't make them collide and react with each other.

The second problem is the size, how can I manage to get a realistic look, when I can't build the city to realistic scale because of the limited RAM I got to use.

all help is very welcome... before I loos all my hair over those problems;P

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Good Morning.

You might want to take a look at the Colourmix tutorial from Peter Quint on Vimeo.

He also has a nice introduction to using Millions of Particles.

Also remember the work that Igor (nice work) has done uses MILLIONS of particles in most cases so in Houdini if you generate this directly you can break this up to render sets of your particles.

Even if you use Flip Fluids you are going to have a memory intensive / CPU intensive simulation.

Also you might take a look at the cmiVFX videos for Fluid TD might help give you some further ideas of a good approach.

Hope that helps... Good Luck.

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